Friday, October 10, 2014

Iggy Azalea Reveals New Album Release Date & Artwork

Iggy Azalea Reveals New Album Release Date & Artwork
Iggy Azalea Reissue To Be Titled "Reclassified", Artwork Revealed
If you’ve been itching for some new Iggy Azalea music, we have got some GREAT news for you because she’s about to drop a whole new album! Well, sort of.
Igs has been teasing a repackaged edition of her very successful album The New Classic, and she has finally revealed that the NEW album, appropriately titled Reclassified, will drop in November. Finally! A date! Yay! It’ll feature some new songs mixed in with other tracks from The New Classic. And check out the artwork! Very 1970s art deco. We like. Iggy shared it on Instagram and captioned the photo saying: "Since You guys gave me 100million views I'm gonna go ahead and drop this on you as a Thankyou. #ComingSoon".
So what can we expect as far as the new tracks that’ll be part of Reclassified? One song is another team up with Charli XCX called “Beg For It” while another is her collab with Ellie Goulding titled “Can I Say” which was featured in the trailer for the upcoming movie Kingsman.
Iggy teased “Beg For It” via her friend’s Instagram, and it sounds like we’ve got another hit on our hands here. Take a listen.
Are you feeling that song?