Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Highlights From Beyonce's New Flawless Remix Music Video

5 Highlights From Beyonce's & Nicki Minaj New Flawless Remix Music Video

Beyonce, Nick Minaj, Flawless Remix
We have one word for Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s collab video – FLAWLESS.
Two of our favorite ladies teamed up to release the remix of the catchy track off Beyonce’s fifth self-titled album a couple months ago, but we’re now just getting to see the “Flawless” music video. And even though it’s basically just the concert footage from when Nicki join B on stage during their On the Run HBO special, it was worth the wait!
There’s a good chance you’ve already checked it out for yourself, but just in case you haven’t,Musiq Nation is here to break down not one, not two, but FIVE of the best highlights.
Let’s jump right in with number one, and that’s the opening number when the definition of feminist is explained. What’s sexier than equal rights?!

Next up, Beyonce has all the AMAZING dance moves. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY can shake it like Beyonce.
The third highlight is when Beyonce starts going into the remix, which gets EVERYBODY pumped.

And of course, the next highlight on the list is when Nicki made her EPIC entrance.

Um, we kind of love that she used Nicki’s real name. #Flawless
And last but certianly not least, we have Nicki’s whole dang part.

How amazing are these two together?!
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