Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Beyonce Knowles at the V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex.
BEYONCE BOOED AT V FESTIVAL & NEW BLONDE BOB WIG!                                                                              Beyoncé get booed at V Festival, apologizes for arriving late, and shows off another new short hairstyle! What's up guys thanks for checking back in to Musiq Nation  for all your music  and entertainment news. Saturday night Queen Beyoncé performed at the UK's "V" Festival where she showed off another new hairstyle in Hylands Park. Just last week everyone went crazy over this short blonde bob look. The new look is slightly longer than the previous pixie  cut.  But the bad news? Fans had to wait outside in the pouring rain to see her perform. Reports say she was 20 minutes late (which to me doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me) and was booed by the crowd for her tardiness. The large crowd booed while they were waiting for her and then again when she finally took the stage opening with "Run the World". Booing Beyoncé—is that legal? But reportedly being late wasn't the only issue, fans said they couldn't hear her at the show due to audio problems. Meanwhile folks at home watching on TV didn't get to see her performance because Beyoncé's camp didn't give Channel 4 in England the proper broadcasting rights, according to NME. Despite all this, we know our gal Bey and I'm sure she still put on one heck of a show. And during the show Bey took the high road, being the role model she is, and apologized to fans! "Thank you all so much for waiting in the rain... Now let's have some fun in the rain. It feels good doesn't it." No doubt the rain felt good to Bey who was tearing up a storm with her dance moves and singing chops. If you were there would you have booed the queen? I wouldn't have? This is Musiq Nation signing off.