Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rihanna To Callab With Beyonce On Rumored "Blow Remix"?

Rihanna To Callab With Beyonce On Rumored "Blow Remix"?
Rihanna's worked with pretty much everyone on planet pop over the years, hasn't she? Drake, Eminem, Shakira, Jay-z. But one gal she's yet to jump on a track with is BeyoncĂ©
But now it seems the pair could actually be working on a little suttin' suttin' in the studio, with the interwebs claiming we can expect a remix of Bey's track Blow featuring none other than RiRi herself. Hooray. 

Digital Spy reports that a listing on ASCAP (the performing rights database wjjere artists and songwriters are reqiured to register their tracks in the U.S) shows a new version of "Blow" featuring both Beyonce and Rhianna. They even provide a screenshot, though Riri's stage name in misspelled. Now do you hear that? Thats the collective sound of the Beyhive and Navy going bonkers while getting their life at the mere possiblility of this dream callabortion. Should the rumors be true as they were with the "Flawless Remix", this would serve as the 3rd massive remix off Mrs. Carter's self titled album.

Listen to the original version of "Blow" below.