Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lady Gaga Performing in Outer Space in 2015!?

Lady Gaga Performing In 

Outer Space In 2015?!

Lady Gaga's taking her out of this world outfits out of this world- she'll be the first to sing in space!  Lady Gaga is bringing her new song "Venus" to life! Lady Gaga is officially going to sing in space in 2015! Gaga will be part of the Virgin Galactic ship that many other celebs have signed on to board, but she'll be on the 6th month anniversary flight. The performance will be in partnership with the 3 day Zero G Colony high-tech music festival in New Mexico, in which she will close the event. According to US magazine Gaga will have to train rigorously for this space performance saying, "She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere." But what we really wanna know is what she'll wear in outer space this is Lady Gaga after all.  Leave it to Gaga to participate in a groundbreaking music festival and event, which will surely make history. But just in case something goes wrong US mag is reporting she's taken out a hefty life insurance policy!Gaga herself has not commented on her alien invasion but I hope this is true! Comment below and tell what you think of Gaga being the first to sing in space: risky or perfection?