Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beyoncé Brings Out Mr.Carter To Preform Hit Track "Tom Ford" At Her Mrs.Carter Show In Brooklyn.

Beyoncé Brings Out Mr.Carter To Preform Hit Track "Tom Ford" At Her Mrs.Carter Show In Brooklyn.
Jay Z pops up for a performance of his song "Tom Ford" at Beyoncé's last Brooklyn show on the Mrs. Carter tour! Welcome back to Musiq Nation. Third Ward Trill has come back out to play, Beyhive! On August 5th Beyoncé wrapped up the first U.S leg of her world tour in Brooklyn at the brand new Barclays Center. It was Queen Bey's 3rd show in New York this week, and her subjects were all wondering: where the heck is our Hov cameo? Low and behold, during her performance of song "Bow Down", Jay Z appeared to preform his new tune off "Magna Carta Holy Grail" called "Tom Ford". Beyoncé in her black and gold jersey dress outfit and animal hat, was grinding through "Bow Down" with her backup dancers when she stopped mid song. The man that makes her Mrs. Carter appeared from the left and took over the stage. At first Beyoncé strutted away from Jay as he came toward her. Bey eventually plopped down on the side of the stage to sit and watch her man do his thang. She grooved in her seat while chilling on the side as he rapped his way through the song, which, by the way features Beyoncé as her hip hop alter ego "Third Ward Trill" on backup vocals. T.W.T. sang along to the "Tom Ford" song and Bey finally got up to end the song next to Jay where they danced together. The couple snuck a hug and a kiss before Jay ran off stage and Beyoncé continued performing her song "Bow Down". It's always a treat to see the Mrs. And Mr. together on stage! I wonder if they'd ever go on tour together? Hmm, just a thought. Check out the clip down below to watch the full performance from Brooklyn's finest