Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lady Gaga News on release date

                                                                                                                                                   Lady Gaga release date and various song rumors.
 Lady Gaga had previously said  that her 3rd forthcoming album titled "ARTPOP" would be released sometime in 2013, and a good guess would be before September 30th so that she is eligible for the 2014 Grammys. if so she might debut a new song at the 2013 VMAs on August 25th this year, as she is rumored to be on the cover of Rolling Stone in September and named "Woman of the Year". As far as what single would hear- we aren't 100% sure. However, there is good indication that the first single will be called "TEA". "TEA" was confirmed as a song on the album last October when Gaga tweeted the lyrics, "its been oolong since I've had a sip and I get this feeling, I need a green detox the truth will be the winner tonight- from TEA on ARTPOP". Other confirmed tracks include "Sex Dreams" based on a tweet from Gaga, "Burqa" based on a tweet she sent to pal DJ Zedd saying, "been listening to **rq* all day" and later her Dad Joe Germanotta told fans that was his favorite on the album. "GUY (Girl Under You)" was confirmed as a feminist song produced by DJ Zedd. We also know Gaga recorded two tracks with Azealia Banks "Ratchet" and "Red Flame" but whose to know if they will make it on "ARTPOP". As far as the inspiration, it's rumored half the new tracks are motivated from her time in Indonesia while on tour. Gaga told a fan backstage at one of her concerts that "ARTPOP" is about a phoenix rising from ashes, and this is her first "real album". As for the sound, she has promised fans fun, dirty, dance music and has admitted there is a tremendous lack of maturity on the album. We can also suspect some type of film documentary from her photographer pal Terry Richardson to come some time in 2014. Little Monsters, I know you have a lot to say about all this, so tell me down in the comments other ARTPOP rumors you've heard! And I promise i will get you more info on the release as it comes in