Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beyoncé's Weave Gets Stuck In a Fan's Grasp At Concert---Check Out Video Below!

Beyoncé's Weave Gets Stuck In a Fan's Grasp At Concert---Check Out Video Below!
So people as most of you may know Beyoncé is on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour right now and last night July 22 she stopped to perform for the folks of Montreal. The ever perfect Beyoncé had a not-so-glam moment when her weave got stuck in a fan on the side of the stage! Too much whipping her hair back and forth? Not exactly. Bey was singing her touching song "Halo" when she saw a fan she wanted to say hello to in the audience. A source close to Beyoncé said she went down to the fan in an area of the audience she doesn't normally go. Leave it to Bey to do good for a fan, and another fan snatch her up! Reportedly the fan had a sign of her bucket list on it with all things checked off except "Sing with Beyoncé"! Beyoncé is known for letting fans get a second on the microphone during the show and help Beyoncé belt out one of her tunes. So how did the singer handle the snafu when it happened? Being the professional she is, Beyoncé kept belting out the song without missing a beat as her crew members tried to get her hair unstuck. Bey looked a little frustrated but kept singing when finally a crew member cut her hair from the wind blower with scissors!
  Third Ward Trill is quite the trooper. And the jokester. After the show Beyoncé posted this photo on her Instagram re-writing the lyrics to "Halo" to reference her fan incident, "Gravity can't begiiin/ to pull me out of the fan again/ I felt my hair was yankiin/ From the fan that's always hatiiin" and ended with "I got snatched '2 snaps' Goodnight all, B".